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The Two Two Boys formed in the late 60s in the Pilsen neighborhood on the corner of 22nd and California. When they formed in the late 60s, they were known as the 22nd Street Boys.  By the year 1970, the Two Two Boys became a full fledged and recognized gang in Pilsen.  In 1978 the 22nd Street Boys changed their name to the Two Two Boys as they joined the Folk nation alliance.  The Two Two Boys were also one of the first gangs to join the Folk Nation in 1978 as they sided with the SDz.  The Two Twos then became first cousins with the Satan Disciples. The Two Two Boys colors were brown and beige and still are.  Even though Two Two main colors were brown and beige in the 70s, their war colors were always black and baby blue while their party colors were brown and beige.  When the Two Two Boys formed they immediately found conflict with the following gangs: Latin Kings, Cullerton Deuces, Stone Kents, Villa Lobos, and the Coulter Kings.  The Two Two boys had close relations to Satan Disciples and Ambrose and a small friendship with the Two Sixs.  Up until about 1988, tags could be seen that read 226 meaning friendship with the Two Sixs or 224 meaning friendship with the Satan Disciples. 
In the early 1980s the Two Two Boys set their sites on Cicero and invaded the town attacking the gangs that were already there such as: Noble Knights, Twelfth Street Players, and Arch Dukes.  The Two Two Boys soon swelled in numbers in Cicero immediately and helped wipe out the Arch Dukes in the early 80s.  In a struggle for power, the Two Two boys battled heavily with the Noble Knights over Cicero.  The two gangs dominated Cicero all throughout the 1980s.  interalliance trouble came for the Two Two Boys in 1988 between them and the Two Sixs, when a Two Two Boy was having sexual relations with a Two Sixs girlfriend behind his back.  The Two Six was outraged and in the midst of his rage he crashed a party that the Two Two Boys and Ambrose were throwing and began shooting.  The Two Six missed his target but instead shot a member of the Two Twos that had nothing to do with it.  This incident caused an immediate declaration of war between Two Six and Two Two Boys, while the Ambrose sided with the Two Two Boys and also went to war with the Two Sixs. 
In the early 1990s the Ambrose and Two Two Boys began to have beef with the Satan Disciples and La Raza; therefore, they both declared war on the SDs in 1992.  The year 1992 was a major blow for the Two Two Boys.  First, their relationship was shattered between the Two Two Boys and the Majestic Party Crew after the Majestics joined folks and became the Insane Majestics, and the main problem was that the Majestics joined forces with the Satan Disciples which meant that Two Twos and Majestics had to be at odds.  Before the Majestics joined up with the SDs they were in close alliance with the Two Two Boys; therefore, joining up with the SDs was perceived as a betrayal. Second, The Two Sixs were heavily moving into the Parkholme Homes in Cicero and pushing out Latin Angles and Two Two Boys because of Two Six sudden large numbers in that area.  Because of this the Two Two Boys engaged in the bloodiest war in Cicero gang history with the Two Sixs.  Third, a nasty war was in full swing between the Two Two Boys and the Satan Disciples.  Then over by 31st street the Two Twos were warring heavily with the Majestics over the fact that Majestics joined up with SDs and the Majestics wanted 31st street (the fact that the Majestics wanted 31st street was the reason the IMz allied with the SDs in the first place).  The war between IMz and Two Twos was nasty because both gangs were tough and large in numbers; therefore, they both took big chunks out of each other.  The Insane Majestics eventually lost the war to the Two Two Boys on 31st and instead settled for 30th.  This wouldn’t have been so bad if the Maniac Latin Disciples weren’t ready to take advantage of the IMz/22 war.  The maniac Latin Disciples came in to Cicero as a result of three Two Two Boy gang members that flipped to MLDs because they had family ties to the MLDs. 
The MLDs began recruiting and growing in number.  As soon as they began to grow, the Two Two Boys declared war on the MLDs.  Then the war ended for a short time as the Two Twos agreed to allow MLDs to claim on 50th and 30th streets which were in the center of Two Two neighborhood.  After this the Two Twos then resumed their war with the Insane Majestics that had been put on hold to fight the MLDs.  While this was going on the MLDs were recruiting secretly and built up even larger numbers.  In 1997 the MLDs then were ready to strike and declared war on the Two Two Boys and the Majestics.  The MLDs then outnumbered both gangs and nearly wiped them out; one thing that prevented the extinction was that the Two Two Boys and Insane Majestics called peace in 1997 to battle MLDs.  Eventually the Two Twos and Majestics called peace with the MLDs because of heavy losses, afterward the Two Twos and Majestics shrunk even more in numbers.  The Two Twos and Majestics fought to avoid extinction in Cicero; however, there were other obstacles that led to Two Two Boys shrinking in number besides the 26s, MLDs, SDs IMz wars.  There was: key incarcerations, Latin King and Latin Count buildup in Cicero, and also several other gangs that flooded into Cicero.  Many gangs that have faced such obstacles as the Two Two Boys would gone extinct but the Two Two Boys continue to exercise and presence in Cicero, Chicago, and other Chicago land suburbs.
In the Fall of 1994 as Milwaukee Kings moved in to Cicero, they started a war with the Two Two Boys by killing a Two Two Boy, which then caused the Two Twos to retaliate.  In 1994 the Two Two Boys and Cullerton Deuces squashed their beef right after CDs became Folks in 1994.  The alliance between CDs and Two Twos was short lived, by 1996 or 1997, the two gangs were back at war.  In 1996 the Two Two Boys went to war with Laraza.  In the year 2002 an incident occurred between the Simon City Royals and the Two Twos that resulted in murder.  The Royals were visiting the area of 22nd and California which is Two Two Boy stronghold.  During this visit, a conflict occurred between 22s and SCRs as the SCRs came to the hood to call out the 22s, the 22s responded by shooting a high ranking Royal in the head.  The Two Two that fired the gun was arrested and convicted of second degree murder.  Now Two Twos and Royals are at war since 2002...




. Cermak Rd. & California "Motherland / Cal Boyz"
. Cicero,IL :
. 16th & 47th Ct. "Murda Town"
. Ogden to 33rd , 51st Ave. to Central Ave. "Rey Town"
. Brookfield,IL
. Countryside,IL
. Franklin Park,IL
. Lyons,IL
. Northlake,IL
. Glendale,Az
. Los Angeles,Ca
. Malberry,Fl
. Lexington,Ky
. Kenosha,Wi
. 23rd & Marshall Blvd.
. 51st & Wood
. Cicero,IL :
. 14th& 49th Ave.
. 18th & 48th Ct.
. 24th & Central Ave.
. 31st & Cicero Ave.
. 35th & Austin
. Berwyn,IL
. Bolingbrook,IL
. Melrose Park,IL
. Oak Lawn,IL : 97th & Parkside