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20-19 / Ts





Around 1966 the Titanic Stones faction of the Black Stone Rangers coalition, which later became the Black P. Stone Nation in 1966, was formed on 39th and Lake Park and 43rd and Indiana by two of the Main 21 leaders of the BPSN- Randy Dillard and Herbert Stevens aka “Rube & Thunder”. 


Rube (Randy Dillard) ran the 43rd Street branch and Thunder (Herbert Stevens) ran the 39th Street branch.  Rube and Thunder were two of the most revered leaders of the BPSN at that time.  In 1971 Rube and Thunder were convicted of a serious kidnap and multiple murder charge.  Deemed a heinous crime Thunder was sentenced to life in prison and Rube received the Death Penalty.  The early 70’s was a time of turmoil for the BPSN.  Most of the Main 21 leaders were either in jail or fighting cases.  Jeff Fort was convicted of misuse of government funds in 1972 and sent to prison.  Fort did time in Statesville from 72 to 74 where Thunder was also doing time.  Rube was on Death Row in Menard where Eugene “Bull” Hairston the original founder of the Black Stone Rangers was also incarcerated and had been since 1968 when he was convicted of solicitation to commit murder.  Fort was transferred from Statesville where he was serving out a State conviction to Leavenworth Federal Prison in 1974 to serve his federal sentence.  Bull was tight with both Rube and Thunder.  Fort had left Thunder in charge of the Stones in Statesville.  Bull was running Menard.  He and Fort had fallen out of good graces because after Hairston was incarcerated Fort took complete control of the BPSN and ordered Stones on the street to sever ties to Hairston.  He even ordered the execution of Bull’s closest follower Paul Martin who was the spiritual leader of the Black Stone Rangers up until 1968 when he was shot 3 times in the head and killed.  Killing “Profit Paul” enabled Jeff Fort to seize complete control of the Nation.


Bull had been sending word to Thunder to abandon Forts orders and to follow him since he was now up for parole.  Bull also sent marching orders to the streets.  His followers on the streets were few compared to Forts followers.  The Titanic Stones had become a very strong branch around 43rd and 47th Street.  The 39th Street Titanic’s had dropped the Titanic moniker and were now ardent followers of Jeff Fort and simply BPSN.  Bull ordered his younger brother Leroy “Lil Bull” Hairston to seize control of the Titanic Stones branch which he did.  Bull’s plans were to use the Titanic Stones as a spring board to regaining control of the BPSN.  Since the buzz on the streets was that Bull was coming home a large following of Stones began to unite behind Lil Bull and the Titanics.  Thunder even began to take Bulls side which gave control of both Statesville and Menard to Bull.  But Bulls parole was denied in 1974 and an all out war erupted between Bulls followers and Forts followers.  At first Mickey Cogwell remained neutral and was only running the Cobra Stones.  Jeff Forts younger brother Bennie Fort was running his followers and Lil Bull was running Bulls followers.  Both crews were killing soldiers on either side.  The Titanic Stones were the anchor for Bulls side.  Then after extensive phone conversations with Jeff Fort , Mickey Cogwell assumed official leadership over the Nation which pulled a third of Bulls followers to Forts side.  Lil Bull was convicted of  armed violence and sent to prison.  Forts followers in Statesville had seized control away from Thunder.  Thunder then left the BPSN and became a devout Moorish American embracing Islam.  Willie “Dollar Bill” Bibbs then became the leader of the Titanic Stones on 43rd Street.  Under Dollar Bill the Titanic Stones began to follow the orders of Mickey Cogwell and Forts followers.  Bull was paroled in 1975 and surrounded himself with a small crew of his loyal followers who became his team of body guards.  As he left his apartment on 70th and Paxton heading to a cleaners on 71st Street two men got out of a car and began to shoot.  They hit Bull 3 times but he still managed to run to the cleaners store where the store clerk called for help.  Bull survived that assassination attempt and moved to the North side where he founded the North Side branch of Black P. Stones.  Jeff Fort was paroled in 1976 and resumed control of the BPSN.  He met up with James “Prince Yak (pronounced yock)” Brantley.  Prince Yak was the leader of the Beniae Zaken-Hebrew for Black Stones.  They were also referred to as the Israelites.  The Israelites owned a heavily fortified building called the “Camp” on 42nd and Prairie just around the corner from the “Tray” or “4-Tray” the neighborhood stronghold of the Titanic Stones 43rd and Prairie.  The official name for the Camp was the “Sons of the Ancient Israelites Holy Temple.”  They had two large six point stars (the Hebrew star of David no affiliation to the Disciples) painted on the front wall of the building.  Yak was teaching Fort how to establish a religious sect.  Being much older than Fort (Prince Yak was already in his 60’s by the early 1980’s) Brantley was a mentor to Jeff Fort and he allowed him to use the Camp to hold a large meeting of the BPSN.  At that meeting Fort announced the end of the Main 21 and the name Black P. Stone Nation and unveiled his new plan for El Rukn.  Many Stones were not allowed to join El Rukn.  Fort only selected those loyal followers whom he trusted.  Only Dollar Bill, who was a cunning drug dealer, was selected from the Titanic’s to become El Rukn.  The rest of the Titanic Stones were left on their own.  So Bulls toughest body guard Robert “Button” East assumed the position of Chief of the Titanic Stones on 43rd Street.  By 1980 Dollar Bill had quit the El Rukns and returned to the Titanic Stones as second in command or General.  When Dollar Bill left the El Rukns he also had secretly set up a connection with the El Rukn drug suppliers of T’s and Blues.  The El Rukns where controlling the entire Midwest market for T’s and Blues which combined worked like a synthetic heroin.  The Titanic Stones muscled their way into controlling over 30% of the T’s and Blues market in Chicago which cut into El Rukn drug profits.


Jeff Fort was angry with the Titanic Stones for not only muscling their way into his drug market but also because they were not paying the El Rukns street tax which they had imposed on all south side drug dealers including the Disciples at that time, and also because they refused to drop the word Stone from their name.  After multiple threats Fort decided to send a hit squad to 43rd Street to eliminate the Titanic Stones.  The El Rukn hit squad arrived on 43rd Street and one of the El Rukns Derrick Keys fired pre-maturely and only hit Dollar Bill.  Dollar Bill was killed on the spot and the rest of the Titanics escaped unharmed.  After that 1981 hit the Titanic Stones became enemies with the El Rukns even though they were members of the People coalition.  Button ran the Titanic Stones with impunity during the early to mid 1980s.  He and Bull were working to try and consolidate the remaining Stone sets who were also not accepted into El Rukn.  Rube’s sentence was commuted from Death to life.  He began to establish control of the Stones in Menard.  Prior to that Rube had also stabbed John Wayne Gacy on Death Row.  Button was convicted of murder and sent to prison in 1985.  His younger brother Ray “Scooter” East became the new Chief of the Titanic Stones.  The Titanics became very ruthless under Scooters command.  They killed key Mickey Cobra members and forced their long time allies the Prairie Insane Vice Lords from 4120 to disassociate themselves from the Titanics.  Many other Black Stone branches began to also disassociate themselves from the Titanics.  In 1988 Eugene “Bull” Hairston was shot and killed in the Ida B. Wells.  Later that same year Scooter was arrested and beaten by the police from the 51rst and Wentworth station who hated the Titanic Stones because of a slew of unsolved murders that they knew the Titanics had committed could not be solved. 


The Titanic Stones were hard core bangers.  70% of the members were hardened killers in their upper 20’s and 30’s who had been through the prison system and knew like the El Rukns how to pull off near perfect murders.  While in police custody Scooter died from a bag of cocaine that he had swallowed to conceal it from the police that burst open inside of him when he was beaten.  After Scooters death many more key Titanic Stones were convicted of murders and sent to prison and the 43rd Street branch fell apart.  During the 1990’s the Mafia Insane Vice Lords took over the old Titanic hood on 43rd Street.  The Titanic Stones then emerged in other neighborhoods primarily on the South Eastside.  Leroy “Lil Bull” Hairston was paroled in 2003 and is now Chief of the Titanic Stones.  Robert “Button” East was paroled in 2005 and is the General.  Thunder was also recently paroled and he is a devout Muslim.  Randy “Rube” Dillard founded the Rubinite Stones from Menard in the late 1980’s after Bulls death.  Rubes whereabouts are unknown.  Its been rumored that he has been seen recently on the streets at a Ancient Black Stones Picnic.  The Titanic Stones are no longer a renegade faction of the ABPSN.



  • 61st & Cottage Grove
  • 65th & King Drive Parkway Gardens
  • 67th & Chappel "Murder Show"
  • 73rd to 75th & Jeffery Blvd "Outlaw Stones"
  • 82nd & Houston
  • 82nd & Baltimore
  • 82nd & Cottage Grove
  • Chicago Ave & Latrobe "Westside T Stones"
  • 25th & Washtenaw Lawndale Gardens (shared with CVL)
  • Altegeld Gardens "Block 4"
  • Bolingbrook, IL
  • Evanston, IL
  • Harvey, IL
  • Maywood, IL
  • Robbins, IL
  • Rockford, IL
  • Gary, IN
  • Hammond, IN
  • Milwaukee, WI
  • Flint, Michigan
  • Jackson, MS


  • Garfield Park neighborhood
  • Rockwell Gardens "T Stone TVL Connection" (shared with VLs and 4s)
  • 39th & Lake Park
  • 43rd / 47th & Indiana "4 - Trey Ts"
  • 51st & Wentworth
  • 65th & Cottage Grove
  • 70th & Paxton
  • 89th & Cottage Grove