Resorces for Parents and for Kids involved in Gangs


For Parents:

Parents, educators, and other concerned adults should watch for signs of gang involvement. Changes in a child’s behavior or activities, which may be early warning signs of gang involvement, include

  • Change in types of friends
  • Changes in dress habits, such as wearing the same color combination all the time (note: that style changes quickly and just because a child wears a certain type of clothingdoes not mean he or she is in a gang)
  • Displaying gang symbols on books, clothing, or locker
  • Wearing tattooscarrying extra cash from unknown sources
  • Carrying a weapon
  • Losing interest in school and family
  • Getting arrested or detained by police
  • Becoming truant
  • Using alcohol and other drugs
  • Talking in gang-style language
  • Using hand signals to communicate with others.
Parents, educators, and other concerned adults should watch for signs of gang involvement. Parents can:

  • Learn the signs of gang activity—such as graffiti, hand signs, clothing styles, or colors
  • Learn why youth join gangs and how to counter those influences
  • Communicate effectively with children
  • Get involved in programs that create healthy outlets—sports, hobbies, youth clubs, etc.—for youth
  • Know their child’s friends
  • Discuss with their child consequences of being in a gang
  • Contact their local law enforcement agency or juvenile probation department to findout up-to-date information on gangs
  • Go to religious leaders for advice on programs their child can get involved in
  • Start a program to report and immediately remove any graffiti in their neighborhood.

For Kids involved in Gangs:

Free Gang Tattoo Removal:  Illinois Masonic Hospital / John Stroger (Cook County Hospital)

This list was provided by SOBS Chicagogangs

American Council for Drug Education 301-294-0600
The Bridge Youth & Family Services 708-359-7490
B.U.I.L.D. Inc. (Broader Urban Involvement and Literature Development) 312-227-2880
Chicago Crime Commission 312-372-0101
Chicago Department of Human Services (24 Hour Hotline) 312-744-5829
Chicago Department of Human Services, Youth Delinquency Prevention Division 312-744-1743
Chicago Park District 312-742-PLAY
Chicago Region PTA 312-786-1476
Cocaine Anonymous 312-202-8898
Community Information and Referral Service 312-876-0010
Community Unit, Cook County State's Attorney Office 312-443-5598
Cook County Forest Preserve - Recreation 312-261-8400
Cook County Sheriff's Community Relations Unit 708-865-4776
Cook County Sheriff's Department, Chief of Courts 312-890-3082
Cook County Sheriff's Department, Office of Preventive Programs 708-974-6060
Cook County Sheriff's Gang Crimes Narcotic Unit 708-865-4745
Cook County Sheriff's Police Department 708-865-4700
Cook County Sheriff's Special Projects Division 312 443-3980
Cook County Sheriff's Youth Services Department 708-865-2900
Cook County State's Attorney Gang Hotline 312-890-3454
Cook County State's Attorney Gang Prosecution Unit 312-890-2860
Crack Hotline, Chicago Police Department 800-CRACK 44
Drug Free Workplace Helpline 800-843-4971
Employee Assistance Professional Association 703-522-6272
Gang Crimes Hotline, Chicago Police Department 312-744-4264
Graffiti Hotline / "Graffiti Blasters" (Chicago) 312-744-1234
Illinois Department of Children and Family Services 800-258-2766
Illinois Department of Alcohol and Substance Abuse 312-814-3840
Just Say No Foundation 800-258-2766
Mayor's Office of Inquiry and Information - Chicago 312-744-5000
Narcotics Unit, Cook County State's Attorney's Office Hotline 312-890-2724
National Cocaine Hotline 800-COCAINE
National Crime Prevention Council 202-466-NCPC
National Clearinghouse for Alcohol and Drug Information 301-469-2600
National Institute on Drug and Alcohol Abuse 800-662-HELP
National Runaway Switchboard (Illinois) 800-621-4000
Neighborhood Relations, Chicago Police Department 312-747-5485
Northeastern Metropolitan Enforcement Group (NEMEG) 708-449-1000
Northwest Suburban R.A.P.P. (Regional Action Planning Project) 708-537-9197
Northwest Youth Outreach 312-777-7112
Occupational Program Consultants Organizations 614-464-0191
Parents Against Gangs 312-890-2724
Preventive Program Division, Chicago Police Department 312-747-5490
Spectrum Youth and Family Services 708-884-6212
US Department of Education / "Schools Without Drugs" 800-624-0100
US Drug Enforcement Administration (Public Affairs) 202-466-NCPC
United Way - Community Information & Referral 312-876-0010
United Way - Suburban Chicago 312-242-2540
Victim / Witness Assistance Unit, Cook Count State's Attorney 312-890-7200