Open Air Drug Market Shut Down On West Side

CHICAGO (STNG)  -- Police announced the shut down of the 27th open air drug market of the year Friday, which resulted in 25 gang members charged in narcotics-related offenses on the West Side.

Operation “Red Clover” targeted a drug market in the Austin neighborhood that was allegedly run by the Black P Stone street gang, according to a release from Chicago police.

Between April and September, police received 310 calls from area residents regarding drug dealing near Lockwood and Chicago avenues, the release said.

While 17 of the alleged drug dealers are in police custody, there are seven that remain at large. James Comier, Jeffery Carter, James Epinger, Jimmy Hill, Kimberly Martin, Cornelius Myles and Laroy Redmond are still wanted by police on criminal drug conspiracy charges.

Police found 37.5 grams of heroin, 5.2 grams of crack cocaine and $1,929 during the course of the investigation, the release said.

The drug dealing in the area took place near schools, churches and homes and many of the dealers were caught in the act on surveillance cameras, the release said.