Latin Dragons Member Charged in Shooting of an Ambrose Member

AUGUST 22, 2006


After Greg Castellano shot a rival gang member, the victim was able to make a dramatic accusation before he died, authorities said. Gustavo Varella was able to say: "It's over -- Greg shot me. I'm not going to make it," according to Assistant Cook County State's Attorney Brad Giglio. Judge Raymond Myles ordered Castellano held without bond Monday. Castellano, 18, a reputed member of the Latin Dragons, shot Varella on Aug. 11 in the 8700 block of South Houston, prosecutors said. Varella, also 18, an alleged member of the Ambrose gang, was walking with a friend when the shooting occurred, Giglio said. Castellano drove up in an SUV and pantomimed shooting at Varella, Giglio said. After the SUV went around the corner, the gunman emerged, pulled a hoodie over his face and ran up to Varella, who took off but was shot three times, authorities said.