Two men, Maniac Latin Disciples, charged in the fatal shooting of a teenager, September 13, 2004


September 13, 2004 - Two men charged in the fatal shooting of a teenager last week appeared in court. Crystal Mustafov, 17, died in the parking lot of a Northwest Side grocery store. Police believe the shooting was a case of mistaken identity. Last Monday, the suspects allegedly opened fire on Mustafov and Jose Ramirez, 23, at the Dominick's and Walgreens parking lot at Kimball and Belmont. Mustafov died; Ramirez was paralyzed. Mustafov's parents spoke at a news conference with police. "We suffered a tremendous loss. I hope no parent, no person has to experience such a gruesome criminal act," John Mustafov, Crystal's father. "Everything that happened, we all lost... To all the young people and all the guys in gangs, the road is only to death or jail. "We want justice," Karen DeMichael, Crystal's mother said. Mario Cervantes, 18, and Adam Alicea, 20, have been charged with murder and attempted murder in the case. Police said the suspects -- who are Maniac Latin Disciples -- thought Mustafov and Ramirez were rival gang members, which they were not. The subject approached the vehicle, firing shots into the vehicle, wounding Mr. Ramirez and causing fatal injuries to Miss Mustafov," said Lt. Mark Hawkins, Chicago Police Department. In court today, a prosecutor said Cervantes fired the fatal shot. Alicea's lawyer, pleading for a lesser bond, denied that his client belonged to a gang and said Alicea did not know that Cervantes carried a gun. "I don't believe my client facilitated or participated in the shooting. He was present with the co-defendant but he had no idea there was a gun," said Steven Goldman, Suspect's attorney. Cervantes is being held without bond. Bond for Alicea was set at $500,000. Alicia reportedly gave an oral statement to police and may testify against Cervantes. Police tracked down the suspects with surveillance video from the grocery store.