Black Disciples Shakedown

May 13, 2004

Today, the FBI indicted 47 members of the Black Disciples, one of Chicago's largest street gangs. Rap record producer Marvel Thompson was identified as the "king" of the citywide drug conspiracy that lasted over 15 years and netted $200,000 to $300,000/day. All 47 are charged with conspiracy to possess and distribute powder and crack cocain, heroin, and marijuana. Along with bulletproof vests, 11 guns and $320,000 was seized. U.S. Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald said, "These defendants are alleged to be not just drug dealers, but individuals who had their own laws, territory, justice system and economy. They operated as if they were an independant nation, subject to only the laws of the streets, not the law of the land."

In times like these, with the Bush administration in office, we sometimes thinks that Chicago should secede from the union like the Black Disciples pretended to do, but you know.. without the guns and drugs and stuff.