- The man charged with killing Tank Johnson's friend and bodyguard at a River North nightclub will appear in court today. Police identified 34-year-old Michael Selvie as their suspect from security photos, statements from witnesses and line-ups.

First-degree murder charges were filed Thursday in the nightclub shooting of 26-year-old Willie Posey. Police say Posey did not know Selvie when a confrontation on the dance floor led to the deadly shooting.

Police describe Selvie as a reputed gang member and career criminal. He has been to prison before but he has never been convicted of a violent crime. For the victim's family that makes this shooting seem all the more senseless.

"To me, it's stupid," said Alice Gaines, Posey's mother.

Alice Gaines and her family say they may never know for certain what happened inside the Ice Bar on December 16th -- and who's to blame for the fight that killed Willie Bernard Posey.

"My brother is a good person. Unfortunately he was caught up in a situation that got out of hand," said Keshia Posey, victim's brother.

Posey and his pal Tank Johnson were partying in the VIP section of Ice Bar when another patron is said to have repeatedly bumped Johnson. Posey -- who called himself the Bears' defensive lineman's bodyguard -- is believed to have intervened.

"There was a fight, a physical confrontation, and during that confrontation Selvie produced a handgun and shot Posey," said Lt. Anthony Riccio, Chicago Police Department.

Photos taken that night at the club helped detectives zero in on 34-year-old Michael Selvie as a potential line-up. Hearing that investigators were looking for him, Selvie turned himself in to the police station at the Belmont and Western Tuesday evening. Since then, Selvie has been in at least six line-ups -- one of them viewed by Tank Johnson.

"He viewed a line-up. We won't discuss the content of his interview," said Riccio.

Selvie's attorney is disputing the murder charges. She accompanied him Tuesday to meet with detectives after learning they were looking for him in connection to Posey's murder.

"The suspect had been on the dance floor and bumped Tank Johnson. They had a brief discussion. As the defendant walked away, he and Posey got involved. During that, one shot was fired. He has done nothing wrong. He maintains his innocence," said Jayne Ingles, Suspect's Attorney.

The suspect's family and his attorney claim police used over-the-top tactics with witnesses. But police deny intimidating anyone involved in this case.

"They said they were intimidated by the police, that they were threatened. They said the police told them if they didn't make statements they would take their children away from them and they were gonna contact DCFS," said Ingles.

Johnson and Posey had gone to the bar less than 48 hours after Johnson was arrested on weapons charges. Police found six guns in a raid on his home. Posey was also living there and arrested on felony drug charges. Police said the shooting had nothing to do with the incident at Johnson's home.

At practice Thursday Johnson said he is focused on football.

"I'll let the police do what they do and I'll play football," said Johnson.

Posey's relatives say there are lessons to be learned by young people who find themselves at a party and ready to throw punches.

"That seems to be one of the hardest things for us to do is to walk away -- and sometimes it's best," said Alice Gaines, victim's mother.

Gaines said she was not surprised Posey put his life on the line for Tank Johnson.

"They were very close friends. They were like brothers. I love him and whatever I can do for him, I want him to know I am there for him," said Gaines.

Selvie's attorney does not confirm or deny that her client was at Ice Bar the night of the shooting.

The gun used in the shooting has not been found.

Suspect held in Ice Bar shooting
Gang member turns himself in; Tank tries to help identify shooter

December 28, 2006
A gang member with a prison record has surrendered to police for questioning in the fatal shooting of Chicago Bears lineman Terry "Tank" Johnson's bodyguard, authorities said Wednesday.

Willie B. Posey, who lived with Johnson, was killed during a fight in the VIP section of Ice Bar in River North.

The 34-year-old suspect in Posey's shooting is a member of the Gangster Disciples in Englewood, sources said. He was with fellow gang members during the shooting early on Dec. 16, the sources said.

He turned himself in to Belmont Area detectives at 8 p.m. Tuesday. The Sun-Times is not naming the man because he has not been charged.