No bail for 4 cops in corruption case:


Chicago Sun-times, December 24th, 1996

Prosecutors painted a picture Monday of rogue Chicago cops wallowing in the excesses of gang involvement, illegal guns and drugs.

One of seven indicted West Side officers, Edward Lee Jackson, is a high-ranking leader of the Conservative Vice Lords street gang who kept a picture of himself flashing gang signs in his locker, they said. .

Others had guns that police had seized from criminals and should have been in an evidence room, they said. .

Some of the cops turned their lockers into "drug warehouses," storing small quantities of marijuana, cocaine and heroin, prosecutors said. .

Four of the officers charged with corruption were ordered held without bond Monday by a judge who said the charges represent "the grossest violation of the public trust that can be imagined." U.S. Magistrate Judge Rebecca Pallmeyer's ruling came after a daylong hearing in which federal prosecutors recited a litany of alleged crimes by the Austin District tactical officers. .

Using video and audio tapes and the testimony of two FBI agents, the prosecutors attempted to show that the defendants should be locked up as a danger to the community. .

Jackson and Officers M.L. Moore, Lennon Shields and Cornelius Tripp were ordered jailed until their trial. Two other indicted officers, Gregory Crittleton and James Young, will be jailed at least until Jan. 2, when Pallmeyer will consider bond applications. .

A bond hearing for a seventh officer, Alex Ramos, and an eighth defendant who is not a cop, Charles Vaughan, will be held Friday. .

The Austin District officers were charged with robbing and extorting bribes from an undercover FBI agent posing as a drug kingpin. .

All eight defendants pleaded not guilty last week. .

In the hearing Monday, lawyers for the officers argued that they were not a flight risk or a danger to the community. .

A videotape played by prosecutors showed an undercover agent being detained by Tripp and Jackson on May 2, prosecutors said. The tape doesn't show what happened later, but FBI Agent .

Patrick Murphy testified the officers took the agent back to the Austin station, strip-seached him, accused him of being a federal agent and took $10,000 from him. .

In a document filed Monday, prosecutors said three of the officers - Tripp, Moore and Ramos - and the civilian defendant, Vaughan, confessed. For instance, Tripp said, "You caught me, I ruined my family" when he was arrested, FBI agent R. Lee Walters said. .

In addition, Tripp implicated Crittleton and Jackson in one robbery, and Moore fingered Shields and Young in two robberies, the document says. .

Police found a photograph of Jackson and about 20 other men flashing gang signs when they searched Jackson's locker, Walters said. .

They also found four handguns, two of which had been taken from criminals, in his home, Walters said. .

Drugs were discovered in the lockers of Moore, Ramos, Shields and Tripp, Walters said. There is no legitimate reason for drugs being there, prosecutors said. .