Defense: 'Bar fight gone bad'
Bail set for 5 charged in Lincoln Park attack on cop

March 7, 2007
Five men randomly attacked an off-duty police officer early Sunday outside a Lincoln Park bar, beating and stabbing him in a drunken rage, prosecutors said. But a defense lawyer alleged the armed cop had just been in a bar fight with the men.

Prosecutors charged Vincent Munday, David Podgorski and brothers Anthony Borias, Nicholas Borias and Joseph Borias with attempted first-degree murder and other offenses.

At a hearing Tuesday, Judge Raymond Myles set bonds ranging from $700,000 to $850,000.

According to prosecutor Lorraine Scaduto, the five had just been tossed out of Deja Vu, a bar in the 2600 block of North Lincoln shortly after 4 a.m. Sunday when they encountered the officer with two friends.

"These guys come out angry and just kind of targeted the first people they saw on the street," Scaduto said.

The five men taunted the Chicago cop and his friends, who police say had also been at Deja Vu. Munday, 21, "began screaming obscenities and shouting at them," Scaduto said.

Accused men took pictures
The officer pulled out his gun and held it at his side, telling the men, "'I am police. I don't want any trouble,' " Scaduto said. All five men then took out their cell phones and took pictures of the officer, she said.

Anthony Borias, 25, grabbed the cop in a "bear hug from behind," while Munday charged at him repeatedly and stabbed him twice, she said.

The cop's gun went off during the struggle, wounding Anthony Borias. The others began kicking the officer in the head and body, Scaduto said, and "continued beating the victim even after he lost consciousness."

Nicholas Borias, 23, took the officer's gun and later dropped it on the street, she said.

But defense lawyers said the men acted in self-defense, and Munday's lawyer Mark Sutter said a videotape of the fight does not show his client stabbing the officer.

"This is a bar fight gone bad," Sutter told Myles. "There were things happening in the bar which we will uncover."

Harry Missirlian, the lawyer for Podgorski, 23, said his client told someone to call 911 and "pulled out his cell phone to take photos of the incident while it was happening."

Nicholas Borias has three prior felony convictions, Scaduto said. The others do not have convictions but have been arrested before, a source said.

Gang ties alleged
Munday graduated from Elmwood Park High and took classes at Triton College, Sutter said.

Joseph Borias, 26, is a union carpenter, and Podgorski, Anthony Borias and Nicholas Borias are plumbers, according to their lawyers.

Law enforcement sources said all five defendants have ties to the Insane Deuces street gang. Steven Bryant, charged last month with murdering U.S. Marine Ricky Martinez, is alleged to be a member of the same gang. A witness to Martinez's shooting also is wanted for questioning in Sunday's incident, sources said. Police are looking for the man, who is in his mid-20s, sources said.

Officer identified suspects
Anthony Borias and the officer, a seven-year veteran assigned to the Near North District, remain at Advocate Illinois Masonic Medical Center.

A Chicago Police spokeswoman described the officer's condition as guarded. The officer -- who suffered a punctured lung, a lacerated liver and head trauma -- picked all five defendants out of a photo array and identified Munday as the one who stabbed him, Scaduto said.