Open-air drug arrests announced

Tribune staff report
Published January 26, 2007, 3:12 PM CST

Chicago police arrested several alleged gang members accused of running an open-air, illegal drug market on Chicago's West Side, authorities announced this afternoon.

The arrests were made Jan. 18 during an undercover operation dubbed "Operation Grenshaw," which was launched in the fall of 2006 to combat the sale of heroin by members of the New Breed Triple L street gang, police said in a news release.

 New Breed members arrested in drug market bust

- Eight reputed members of the New Breed street gang were arrested last week and warrants issued for five others as Chicago Police shut down an open-air drug market on the West Side.

An undercover investigation launched in the fall of 2006 targeted drug sales in the 3900 block of West Grenshaw Avenue, according to a release from police, who began the investigation following complaints from residents of the area.

Members of the Narcotic and Gang Activity Investigation Section also obtained information on drug sales while monitoring information about an ongoing feud between the New Breed and Traveling Vice Lord gangs, the release said.

The feud is believed responsible for an increase in violence in the area, the release said. The battle over drug turf led to at least 19 homicides in 2006, according to police.

The investigation -- dubbed "Operation Grenshaw" -- targeted the heroin sales by the New Breed Triple L gang using undercover drug purchases and surveillance of the operation, the release said. The heroin was sold in plastic bags imprinted with blue devil face logos, the release said.

Officers bought and seized more than 165 grams of heroin, with an estimated street value of about $25,000, and also confiscated about $4,000 in cash, the release said.

Arrested on Jan. 18 for criminal drug conspiracy were Jason Garrett, 31; Markell Hall, 31; and Leon Horn, 28, the release said. Wanted for criminal drug conspiracy are Gregory Dukes, 26; and Levell Pipes, 20. Six others were arrested and charged with delivery or possession of a controlled substance, while three are wanted for delivery -- Roxon Love, 28; Jeremiah Robinson, 20; and Jacoby Williams, 17.