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13-11 / MKN / MKz




The Milwaukee Kings formed in the late 1970s by Felipe on the corner of Noble and Huron.  They formed as a faction of the Latin Kings, and wore the same colors as the Latin Kings and were a part of the People nation alliance.  The MKs main enemy at that time was the Insane Deuces.  Within a short time in the late 70s, the MKs opened up shop in Blue Island, IL, which they shared with Latin Kings.  In Blue Island disputes began to brew between Latin Kings and Milwaukee Kings in the early 80s, the dispute intensified in to full fledged war.  After the war began, Milwaukee Kings split from the Latin King Nation and the People nation and joined the Folk nation and established alliances with gangs such as: Maniac Latin Disciples, Latin Jivers, Harrison Gents, and the Latin Stylers.  They also changed their colors to black and orange.  In the late 1980s the Maniac family was created by the Maniac Latin Disciples and the Milwaukee Kings joined the alliance, and became known as Maniac Milwaukee Kings.  In the early 90s, the Milwaukee Kings engaged in wars with other Folk nation gangs such as the Spanish Cobras, and then by about the mid to late 90s, they went to war with the Maniac Latin Disciples.  In 1993 the Milwaukee Kings spread to Cicero, IL headed by Kono, an original MK from Noble and Huron, and Jey Dogg who had recently flipped from Gangster Disciple to Milwaukee King, also Larry Dogg and Joey helped open the Cicero MK branch.  Jey Dogg and Kono were the founders of the Cicero MK branch but did not become the leaders of the branch instead it was decided that a committee be set up after there were new recruits taken in immediately to join Jey Dogg.  M Dogg, Sandman, HecDog, Roc, Roger, Mayo, and Trenchcoat all joined the MKs in Cicero and were apart of the council along with Jey Dogg.  They set up shop on the corner of 21st and 51st right near the Parkholme homes. 


The MKs began to have conflicts with the Noble Knights in the area from 51st ct.  Despite the MKs main goal of fighting People nation gangs, they instead found heavy conflicts with Folk nation gangs such as Gangsters Disciples, Harrison Gents, Two Two Boys, Maniac Latin Disciples, and Satan Disciples in Cicero.  The only allies that the Cicero MKs had was the Cicero Ashland Vikings, Latin Angles (right before they turned People), and Two Six.  North side MKs from Chicago began to move in to the Cicero area to join the 10-15 members that were already there.  This move caused a problem for the CMKs because the Cicero police targeted the CMKs a lot more.  Also Hec Dog was shot and killed right in front of his own home.  Many MKs began to get locked up from Cicero over the years that led to their shrinking in number.  One reason the MKs had a relationship with the Two Sixs was because a Milwaukee Queen (female MK) was living with a Two Six and was having a child with him.  More and more Two Sixs were moving in to Cicero MK neighborhood and they convinced the MKs that an alliance between Two Six and MKs was in the best interest, despite warnings about this move for older retired MKs, the younger MKs united with Two Six and shared territory.  Eventually Two Sixs wanted to take over MK hood in Cicero and a brief war kicked off between the two gangs.  Shortly after this Hin dog was killed by gang members of an unidentified gang, some say it was Two Six others say it was Latin Kings.  More and more police pressure and Two Six buildup led to the Milwaukee Kings being erased from Cicero.  There is rumor that some CMKs still exist going by the title of Renegade Milwaukee Kings. The Milwaukee Kings still have a presence in Logan square in Chicago and still maintain an alliance with the Latin Jivers and Maniac Campbell Boys.



The Locations of the MILWAUKEE KINGS were submitted by a "member" of this organzation

. Altgeld & Marmora "Swift City"
. Altgeld & Meade (Riis Park)
. Fullerton Ave. , Meade to Marmora "M-Town"
. Elgin,IL
. Milwaukee,Wi "Mil-Town"
. Toronto,Canada
. Chestnut & Noble
. Huron & Noble
. Milwaukee Ave. & Grand
. Milwaukee Ave. & Throop
. Shubert & Fairfield
. Cicero,IL : 21st & 51st Ct. to Laramie
. Summit,IL