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The Insane Deuces have roots that date back to the 1950s.  Back then they were two separate white gangs called the Barons and the Blackhawks.  The Barons controlled Hamlin Park and the Blackhawks controlled the Lanthrop Homes.  There are records of social service workers working with the Barons as far back as the year 1959 when they first encountered the Barons.  Sometime in the early to mid 1960s, the Barons and the Blackhawks united and combined their gangs into one gang.  They called the unity the Insane Deuces because it symbolized the uniting of two gangs.  They then adopted the colors of black and green with the spade and the dice with 2 showing and card with two of spades and the roman numeral II (2).   The Deuces were a mostly white gang that took in some Latinos in the 1960s.  Since the deuces were not a racist type gang they were able to establish a friendship with the Latin Kings in the 1960s. 


The Deuces continued to grow in the 1970s as they began to recruit more and more from the Latino population.  The deuces also became tight with the Freaks (now known as Stoned Freaks) in the 1970s.  In the late 1970s, the Insane Deuces opened up a faction of deuces in the suburb of Aurora, IL.  The founder of the Aurora Deuces was Ice man.  The Deuces then opened up shop on the corner of Claim and Union Deuce Park, and they were posted in front of a laundry matt on that corner, and the younger Deuces were posted on the corner of Smith and Columbia in Aurora.  In the year 1980 the Deuces joined the People Nation at the same time as the Gaylords because of the Deuces relationship with the Latin Kings.  By the early 80s the Deuces were flourishing well on the North Side of Chicago as well as Aurora.  Some major hard core Deuces emerged on the streets of Aurora in the early 80s such as:  Cuevas, Smurf, Lil man, Grease Ball, Chatti, Pycho, Duke, Bam Bam, Coco, Bugsy, Rican, Gator, Shorty D, and Ghost. 


Throughout the 1980s the Deuces continued to grow into large numbers in Aurora at a rapid rate.  Also throughout the 80s Deuces got along with their People Nation allies quite well until 1988.  In 1988 tensions began in Deuce Park in Aurora between Deuces and Latin Kings.  The tensions grew more intense by 1989; however, full scale war was not waged because they wanted to follow People Nation bylaws.  They were not killing each other just disrespecting each other and having small beefs.  In the year 1990 is when the war between Deuces and LKs kicked off.  Lord Gino, one of the LK leaders found out about a relationship going on between Lil Man of the Deuces and Lord Gino's girlfriend.  This was forbidden for a Deuce to have relations with any Latin Queens or any girlfriend of a high ranking King.  Lord Gino then wanted to make an example out of the Aurora Deuces by having Lil Man killed, the Latin Kings then shot up Lil Man but he survived the bullets.  After that the Kings shot up two other Deuces cars, this made the Deuces retaliate and they killed a black Latin King and wounded to others.  Four Deuces were convicted of murder and attempted murder for shooting the three LKs.  After this occurred the war was in full swing as the Latin Kings retaliated by killing Psycho one of the original founders of the Aurora Deuces on October 30, 1990.  After this the Deuces began packing major firepower in Deuce Park.  They hid a cache (cash-ay) of pistols and others guns underneath a pine tree in the park and acted like they were watching a basketball game, then when Latin Kings would stroll through the park the Deuces would pull out the guns and shoot up LKs from all angles, they would also have Deuces that would climb up trees and shoot from the tops of the trees and others that would stand on top of nearby houses and would snipe Latin Kings as they entered the park, until the police found out and found the cache and raided a Deuce gang members house and arrested Deuces.  The Police then took over Deuce Park in the early 90s.  In the year 1991 the Deuces allied with the Two Sixs and left the People Nation and joined the Folk Nation.  The Deuces mainly became Folks because of their vicious war with the Latin Kings; however, the Deuces had conflicts with the Vice Lords as well because VLs were taking the Kings side during the 1990-91 conflicts between the LKs and Deuces.  Another big reason was that the Deuces gunned down an Imperial Insane Vice Lord out in front of Cowherd middle school in 1990 because they thought he was a Latin King. 


The Latin Kings and Vice Lords were sharing a set on the corner of Beach and Columbia; therefore, VLs were siding with LKs and disrespecting Deuces.  The Two Sixs took the Deuces under their wing during a three year probationary period with the Folk Nation.  The Deuces could not get along with all folks though, in Chicago the Deuces were fighting heavily with the Simon City Royals.  They also were fighting with Satan Disciples and wiped out Aurora SDz, this caused the Maniac Latin Disciples to become angered at the Deuces and a conflict ensued especially after a fight broke out at a party between a Deuce and an MLD.  Around 1992 many African American youths began to join the Deuces because they saw the movie South Central and felt that those Deuces that were in that movie had connection to the Deuces in Aurora and Chicago (there is no connection between Deuces from Chicago and the Deuces in the movie South Central), it even caused some GDs to flip to deuce.  In the early 90s some Deuces did not like the transition from People to Folk and flipped to Latin Kings, including some high ranking Deuces.  In the year 1994, the Deuces probationary period (even though they were in this probationary period, they were still entered into the book of Folks in 1991) ended and the Deuces joined the Insane Familia under the umbrella of the Spanish Cobras.  In 1995 the Deuces united with Ambrose in Aurora as the Ambrose got stronger after the West Side Homeboys became Ambrose.  In the early 1990s Westside Homeboys were Deuces then by about 1994 these Deuces started their own gang called Westside Homeboys. In February of 1996, the Deuces shot up Jr. Pena at his father's house in Farnsworth Park.  Pena was the leader of the Aurora Latin kings at the time. 


The Insane Deuces were also accredited for killing an Eastside Homeboy in 1994, and the killing made the news.  The Deuces also killed a major player within the Latin Homeboys, thus crippling the Homeboys badly.  In 1997 many black Deuces were kicked out because they were not handling business properly and were only being Deuces because of the name, while other black deuces were putting in hardcore work.  A war broke out between MLDs and Insane Deuces because of events that occurred in Elgin, IL, a Deuce nicknamed Cheerio killed an MLD.  Then the war continued into Aurora, IL after a fight broke out between Panther and Cuevas at a party; however, the war in Aurora was extremely short lived because differences were settled.  This did not last long because Elgin MLDs were still real mad about their MLD that was killed by Cheerio so a war did indeed break out in Aurora.   The Deuces and Ambrose teamed up on the MLDs and wiped a major MLD set.  In order to prevent a war with the GDs who are good allies with MLDs, the Deuces in prison convinced the GDs that the war was only against the MLDs and was not an attack on all Disciples.  After a little while old school Deuces moved to Elgin to help Elgin Deuces handle the MLDs.  The Deuces also went to war with the Spanish Gangster Disciples (SGD) because a Deuces nicknamed Gizmo killed an SGD with a 22 caliber pistol.  The SGD was shot in the back and the bullet infected his brain and killed him.  By 1997 the deuces took over Farnsworth park in 1998 some Gangsters Disciples flipped to Deuces in Aurora making Deuce stronger.  In 2002 the FBI closed in on the Deuces and took many of them to prison, reducing deuce numbers in Aurora. The Insane Deuces still exercise a heavy presence on the North Side of Chicago and also the suburb of Aurora.



The Locations of the INSANE DEUCES were submitted by a "member" of this organzation

. Milwaukee & Berteau
. Hamlin Park: George to Roscoe , Honore to Campbell
. Barry & Hoyne
. Belmont & Damen
. Nelson & Damen
. Pilsen Neighborhood: Insane "Cullerton" Dueces
. 19th & Rockwell
. 21st & Washtenaw
. Canaryville Neighborhood:
. 45th & Union "Spade Town"
. Addison,IL
. Aurora,IL "A-Town" : Grand & Loucks
. Bellwood,IL
. Elgin,IL
. Montgomery,IL
. Oswego,IL
. Villa Park,IL
. Anaheim,Ca
. Del Rio,Tx
. Appleton,Wi