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The Familia Stones originated as the Puerto Rican Stones (P.R. Stones) in the Logan Square community around 1968. However, the gang was actually founded in the correctional facilities by Danny Velez, who was previously a member of the Latin Eagles street gang. Upon incarceration, Danny Velez joined the Black Stone Rangers street gang, after being alienated from the Latin Eagles due to the belief that he informed correctional officers of the gangs criminal activity. After being incarcerated, Danny Velez, along with Tito Saprio, and James Santana, formed the Puerto Rican Stones Nation, which was intended to be part of the larger Almighty Black P. Stone Rangers.. However, Danny Velez did not receive a seat on Jeff Fort's "Main 21" commission board, and after 1977 the board was disbanded, as the Black Stones Rangers became the El Rukns. Danny Velez continued to operate as Chief of the Puerto Rican Stones in the 1970's as the organization basically became a completely independent group without official recognition from the El Rukns organization. A group calling themselves the PR Future Stones setup operations in the Albany Park neighborhood in 1983. The PR Future Stones of Albany Park were started by people who were originally Latin Kings from LKst. Among them was an indidual called "Stoney." When a King member got killed, the Kings didn't retaliate so Stoney and other members splintered away to form their own mob on Leland called the PR Future Stones. The term "future", usually refers to "soon-to-be" gang members. However, the PR Future Stones didn't use the term in this reference, as most members were in their 20's. They tried to spread to other neighborhoods and linked up with the PR Stones from Diversey. but each group operated as a separate organization. They existed as a mob for at least a decade and they even fought a war with the Kings from LKst in the early 1990s, which the Kings started because so many former Kings had flipped. The PR Future Stones were able to fight off the Kings and after a while there was a truce which led to the Future Stones being recognized as a legitimate organization. They then began to recruit heavily and made a fierce repuatation for themselves. The gang fought vicious wars with the Assyrian Eagles, Spanish Cobras, and more prominantly, the Simon City Royals. The P.R. Stones are credited with the assassination of Simon City Royal leader, Todd "Dillenger" Brewer. Additionally, the Stones were able to force the Royals off of Lawrence and Kimball, which had become their headquarters. The Stones were even going to neighbhorhodds where they didn't have a presence, such as Uptown and Humboldt Park, to pull missions just to get recognition. After awhile, they were basically one of the deepest and toughest mobs in Albany Park maybe even the whole Northside and many of them went to Roosevelt, Von Steuben, and Senn. Meanwhile, the PR Stones of Logan Square had set up shop in Edgewater on the corer of Olvie and Clark and fought a war with the emerging Spanish Gangster Disciples. However,  in the early 1990's, after long-standing wars with the Maniac Latin Disciples, Latin Eagles, Simon City Royals, and other neighborhood street gangs, the Stones were forced from their stronghold in the vicinity of Diversey & California.

In around 1992, a Stone named "Broleeo" and many members related to him literally took over the mob from Stoney, who was in incarcerated. They then titled the gang PR Familia Stones because of the blood relations within the gang's hiearchy. Broleeo, his brother Poppo, Slice, Dave the Brave, Fly, ET, Dirt, Bird, Ty, and others were connected along family lines. However, when Stoney got out of jail, he still led a group called the PR Future Stones who were loyal to him, but centered around Montrose and Kedzie. So, at the same time there existed PR Future Stones and PR Familia Stones in Albany Park. They were separate and run by different people. Most of the Future Stones flipped Familia Stone over time, however.

The Familia Stones got along with the Kings from LKst from 1992 to 1994 until Broleeo wanted them off Lawrence and Troy because he had an operation there. At the same time he wanted the Imperial Insane Vice Lords off Ainsle for the same reason. The Famila Stone Nation (FSN) had already pushed the Conservative Vice Lords out in 1993 for drug turf. So, under Broleeo's orders, the FSN started a war with both the Kings and IIVLs at the same time. So, even though the Kings from LKst fired the first shots it wasn't a war they wanted with the FSN because Mike and Jason (leaders of the LKst Kings) knew they were outnumbered and the LKst Kings were not getting along with the other Latin Kings at the time. Renegade, an LK member (former CVL) was killed first when the FSN tried to kill Mike and Jason at their building. Widget, a Stone member,  was killed next and the war escalated from there. Broleeo was later killed by his own Stones and a lot of the leaders were arrested, shot or retired. For a time, the FSN were considered renegades in the People alliance and were not safe in Cook County jail or the prisons. But after so many of them got locked up they made a place for themselves within the county and the prisons.

Sometime throughout the mid-1990's, the gang dropped the "PR" from their insignia to better represent their racial makeup, due to the fact that many members are non-Puerto Rican.  In 1996, Slice assumed the rank of Inca of the Albany Park Familia Stones. He was said to brutally enforce gang laws, tax members of the gang to sell drugs, and disrespect older members of the gang. This angered some high-ranking Stones, many of which were locked up in correctional facilities. In 1998, after various altercations with other Familia Stones hierarchy, Slice apparently became bitter with the Familia Stones, and internal corruption (possible cooperation with law enforcement) is rumored to have become a factor in this case. Members of the Familia Stones soon became aware of this and murdered Slice in retaliation. The organization is now controlled by a Council, consisting of several high-ranking members. The Familia Stones continue to excercise a strong presence in the Albany Park community, particularly along Kedzie Avenue. The gang has few allies on the streets, and are known for initiating violence to protect their territory, as well as enhance their reputation. However, they are currently in a state of turmoil due to warring factions and other internal issues.  The FSN will not hesitate to war with any nation although they generally remain tight with the BPSN because the BPSN has not attempted to take over their mob (when the FSN approached them about being on their map the BPSN want to pick their leader so the FSN declined. So, even though the FSN goes under BPSN "lit" they are not one of the "bricks").



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. Berteau & Albany
. Cullom & Whipple
. Leland & Kedzie
. Montrose & Troy
. Sunnyside & Kedzie
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