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ALMIGHTY CVL'S / C'S / 3-22-12 / CVL / ACVLN





The Conservative Vice Lords have roots that date back to the early 1950s on the west side of Chicago.  They were not known as Vice Lords back then but just as an athletic club called the 14th street Clovers.  Members of the crew got into some trouble and found themselves incarcerated in the St. Charles reformatory for boys.  Inside the reformatory the boys came together and formed a bond that consisted of boys from the Lawndale neighborhood on Chicago’s west side.  One of the goals was to unite Northside, Westside, and South side Lawndale boys.  The unity was called the Vice Lords.  The gang was founded by Edward Pepilow Perry, the year was 1957.  The organization’s first chief was Alfonso Alfred.  In 1958 many of the boys were released from the reformatory and went back to their homes in the Lawndale neighborhood.  They took Vice Lord to the streets, and they congregated on the corner of 16th and Lawndale, their first hood (the conservative part of their name did not arise till later years, so they were just known as Vice Lords at first).  Right away the Vice Lords were off to a really bad start.  They became a very violent street gang that mugged, robbed, murdered, and beat people severely, they were also known for stealing hub caps off cars.  They engaged in violent battles with rival gangs all throughout the late 50s and early 60s.  The Lawndale neighborhood was sadly stricken with extreme poverty and hopelessness.  Young Vice Lords were in it for survival as many gangs were back in those days; this made VLs act out violently.  The frustration with their situation built within them which caused them to act out and become labeled the most violent gang in Chicago in the mid-1960s, as they terrorized their neighborhood and caused people to fear them, and it made many want to join them, they soon swelled to a whopping 8,000 members.  The turn around for the Vice lords began one hot July night in the year 1964 when the leaders of 8 out of 26 groups of VLs met and decided that the way that they were going wasn’t good for their future.  On that night they decided to become Conservative, thus Conservative Vice Lord (CVL) was born. 


During the mid-60s the CVLs had to struggle with negativity in their neighborhood and their own members engaging in criminal activities while in the mean time leaders were trying to begin a positive new move.  Taking the gang to a new positive direction didn’t become successful until the year 1967.  In 1967 CVL changed their ways drastically, steering toward of positive approach that was to better their neighborhood and the youths in it.  Bobby Gore was appointed spokesman (not chief) of CVL because he had a vision of repairing CVL and the Lawndale neighborhood.  Bobby Gore was a VL since 1958 so he was an original member; before he was VL he was a Clover gang member (Clover-African American athletic gang from the west side that used to battle the Egyptian Cobras now known as Mickey Cobras).  Gore created CVL incorporated with the help of David Dawley.  David Dawley was the first white vice lord.  Dawley had one goal and that was to help CVL and Lawndale improve, and he was sincere in his work.  David Dawley was a full-fledged member of CVL and had protection and love from all CVLs because of the positive things that he did for CVLs and the thousands of dollars that Dawley was able to help CVL obtain from the government.  In 1967 CVL did not want to be known as a gang anymore as they opened up several establishments and worked with corporations and other groups that would help CVL to better their community. 


In 1968 CVL leaders went to Washington D.C. and were able to obtain government grants in order to open up legit businesses, social clubs, hang outs, educational programs etc.  CVL also opened an exchange program with New York City.  CVL opened such establishments as: Teen Town-a hangout for young teenagers to congregate instead of getting in trouble, a pool hall, the African Lion, two Tastee Freeze parlors, Simone Cosmetic-which sold cosmetics for African Americans and was funded by Sammy Davis jr., the West Side Paper stock Co-which was created to encourage recycling, many times they would collect paper from schools and the classrooms that brought the most paper would get a free lunch, CVL INC. worked with tenant rights action groups to prevent slum lords from ripping people off, there were two houses of Lords established that were for teen hang ins that was designed to keep kids off street corners or not be arrested for foolish reasons by Police that just wanted to arrest them for no good reasons, these houses of Lords were designed for teens to come in and do their homework after school there was even tutoring available for them, CVL INC. established management training programs to help teach management training to youths, there was also the Malcolm X GED program for people in the neighborhood that wanted their GED.  These groups and others were designed to help impoverished Lawndale residents to better themselves and get jobs or have a safe haven.  CVL INC. also assisted in the cleanup of dirty and dilapidated areas and making better living conditions for residents of Lawndale.  CVL Inc paid several employees with government funded monies, thus giving impoverished African American jobs, legit jobs.  CVL Inc. and CVLs did a lot of good in the Lawndale neighborhood, a neighborhood that they were once destroying.  The goodness of CVL would soon fall into turmoil.  In the fall of 1969, David Dawley returned to the east coast; However, he sent CVL thousands of dollars in grant money.  But on the negative side, Dawley was gone which meant one less positive leader for CVL.  Then Bobby Gore was arrested on November 14th, 1969 for the murder of 23 year old Thomas Williams which occurred on the corner of Ogden and Holmen.  Bobby Gore did not commit the murder; however, the jury thought he did and he was convicted on march 10, 1970 and sentenced to 25-40 years in prison.  The CVL president Alfonso Alford died of a stroke in February, 1969.  Edward Perry resigned as a leader so did Bobby Gore. 


By late 1970 to 1971 funding to CVL Inc. halted and the CVL businesses and clubs were closed down.  In 1971 the Vice lords began their road back into a criminal organization as positive leaders that they once turned to were either dead or locked up or retired.  In 1971 Vice Lords split into factions, or separate gangs.  Each faction had/has a separate leader.  Willie Johnson AKA Minister Rico took over as leader of CVL and the Vice Lord nation.  When Willie Johnson took over VL he made the VLN open to ALL races to join the VLN (of course some factions did not want other races in) but the main concept was for all races to join.  This is how CVL and other VL factions have taken in other races over the years; however, other races joining VLN did not grow to large numbers till about the late 80s even though the racial boundary was diminished.


The Vice Lords have a certain rank structure system that started in the early 1960's.It consist of a three star and five star Elite.High rank such as three star Universal and five star Universal is the highest rank given to members.Five star Universal is more common in prison.If a member is a five star elite,they have the ability to give orders to other VL's that aren't even in their faction.Most of street leaders are five star elites and three star universals.Five star universals are usally a leader of more than one or two sets,and because of this power they often become a target by three three star universals who are jealous of their power and has them killed.Some of these ranks are also street named "chief or king".
The "rank" known as "Minister" is the highest rank and is currently under Willie "Rico" Johnson (s) control.

In 1978 the Conservative Vice Lords helped found and also joined the people alliance.  As a result, all other factions of Vice Lords also had to join the people nation as well, no exceptions.  In the early 1980s, the Vice lords adopted an Islamic doctrine along with their close allies the ELRUKNS.  This is why Vice Lords now use the crescent moon and the 21 brick pyramid in their symbols (in later years CVL and other factions dropped the 21 brick pyramid from their symbols, and it is a possibility that they never used it, the reason why I have mentioned this is because I have been told by logical sources that it was used at one point in time but is not used anymore).  Around 1991 the Vice lords, especially CVL, had wars with black P. Stones in certain parts of the city.  CVLs also went to war with Latin Kings in parts of the city too.  There have also been wars that have erupted between the CVLs and the Mickey Cobras as well.  The west side of Chicago is still heavily dominated by CVLs and VL factions.  CVLs tend to engage in interalliance wars with other VL factions on the west side and in the suburbs.  The unity between VL factions on the streets is not very solid on the streets because of the massive number of Vice Lord gang members in those neighborhoods.  Vice Lords are bigger than they ever were in the 60s, now there is about 30,000-40,000 members in Chicago, and the suburbs.  There are also thousands of them in other states and maybe other countries like Canada.  There are also thousands of members in correctional facilities across the nation.  In prison all VL factions are united and follow People nation bylaws strictly, renegade philosophies are not allowed in prison.  Bobby Gore also preaches against gang violence ever since his release from prison in 1981, and even during his prison sentence he preached against violence.  Presently the Vice Lords and CVLs are one of the most violent gangs in Chicago.  The CVL is the largest branch of Vice lords.  Willie Johnson is still the chief of all VL nation while he resides in prison for violating parole after he was released after committing murder in 1970.  He Violated his parole by doing an armed robbery and Home Invasion in 1983.  He now resides in Tamms Supermax correctional facility.

Some good friends of CVL are South Side Insane popes, twelfth Street players, and Latin Counts, some Latin King factions, some Black Stone factions, some other VL factions, and the Division and Noble GDs.
Enemies include all Folk nation gangs (except they are cool with the Division and Noble GDs who are folks, they share that set), some Latin King factions, some Black Stone factions, some other VL factions, and New Breeds



" North Side "

. Up-Town Lords : Wilson to Montrose , Broadway to Claredon
. Agatite & Hazel
. Sunnyside & Claredon
. Wilson & Broadway
. Winsdor & Hazel "shared w/ 4CH's"
Central Park & Leland

. Noble Square : shared w/ GD's
. Division & Noble "Gangsta Lords"

. Eastville : shared w/ BPS's
. Crystal / Evergreen & Leavitt

. Augusta & Willard
. Argyle & Kedzie
. Carmen & Spaulding
. Clark St. & Thorndale
. Leland & Magnolia "shared w/ TVL's"
. North Ave. & Vine "shared w/ 4CH's"

Hudson & Evergreen - "Marshall Field Apartments"

" West Side "

. Henry Horner Homes : shared w/ 4CH's
. Lake St. & Wood "The Hornets"

 Rockwell Gardens : shared w/ RVL's & 4CH's
. Madison & Rockwell
. Jackson Blvd. & Campbell

 VL City : shared w/ TVL's
. Central Ave. , Monroe to Gladys

. North Ave. & Lorel
. Evergreen & Homan

. Augusta Blvd. & Monticello "shared w/ MIVL's"
. Division & Lawndale
. Iowa & Springfield

. Chicago Ave. & Laramie

The Avenue : Chicago Ave. , Keystone to Lawndale
. Chicago Ave. & Keystone
. Chicago Ave. & Lawndale
. Chicago Ave. & Ridgeway

. The Avenue : shared w/ UVL's
. Chicago Ave. , Homan to Kedzie

. Roosevelt Rd. & Francisco / Mozart
. Roosevelt Rd. & Sacramento

 K-Town : shared w/ Undertaker VL's & 4CH's
. 16th & Kedvale to Komensky

. The Holy City :
. 16th St. to Cermak Rd., Pulaski to Homan
. 16th & Central Park
. 16th & Drake
. 16th & Lawndale
. 16th & Ridgeway
. 19th & Ridgeway
. 21st "No Worse" & Trumbull
. Cermak Rd. & Millard

" South Side "

. Lawndale Gardens :
. 25th Street , California to Rockwell

. Leclaire Courts :
. 43rd to 45th , Lavergne to Cicero Ave.
. 43rd & Cicero Ave."shared w/ 4CH's"
. 44th pl. & Laporte

. 45th to 47th , Laramie to Cicero Ave.
. 45th & LaCrosse
. 45th & Leclaire "shared w/ MIVL's"
. 47th & Cicero Ave.

. The Low End :
. 47th & Ellis to Drexel

. 57th & Artesian
. 57th & Hoyne "Lordsville"

. June Town / J-Town :
. 55th & Winchester
. 59th & Winchester
. 60th & Winchester

. 71st & Winchester
. 74th & Racine

. Fin Town :
. 74th to 76th , Martin L. King Dr. to Anthony
. 75th & Cottage Grove
. 75th & Eberhart
. 75th & Ingleside

. 79th St. & Sangamon "Roc Island"
. 79th St. & Seeley

Triple B's : 81st to 83rd , Saginaw to Exchange
. 81st & Manistee "shared w/ 4CH's"
. 82nd & Escanaba
. 83rd & Burnham

. 82nd & Peoria "3rd Ward"
. 89th & Langley "Nuke Side"

. 91st & Loomis

" Wild Hundreds "

London Town : shared w/ BPS's
. 101st & Cottage Grove

. 107th & Champlain "shared w/ 4CH's"
. 107th & Eggleston
. 107th & Racine
. 112th & Perry
. 113th & Wentworth
. 117th & Normal
. Altgeld Gardens 133rd st : shared w/ TVL's

. Addison,IL
. Arlington Heights,IL
. Bellwood,IL
. Blue Island,IL
. Calumet City,IL
. Champaign,IL
. Chicago Height,IL
. Danville,IL
. Decatur,IL
. Dolton,IL
. East St.Louis,IL
. Elgin,IL
. Evanston,IL
. Ford Heights,IL
. Galesburg,IL
. Harvey,IL
. Joliet,IL "East Side J-Town"
. Justice,IL
. Kankakee,IL
. Maywood,IL
. Oak Park,IL
. Peoria,IL "P-Town"
. Riverdale,IL
. Robbins,IL
. Rockford,IL
. Skokie,IL
. Summit Argo,IL
. Waukegan,IL
. Westmont,IL

. Denver,Co
. Grennwich,Ct
. Hartford,Ct
. East Chicago,In
. Gary,In "G.I."
. Glen Park,In
. Indianapolis,In "Nap-Town"
. Des Moines,Ia
. Kansas City,Ks
. Louisville,Ky
. Detroit,Mi
. Flint,Mi
. Minneapolis,Mn
. St.Paul,Mn
. Lincoln,Nb
. New Jersey
. Dayton,Oh
. Memphis,Tn
. Beloit,Wi
. Milwaukee,Wi "Mil-Town"
. Racine,Wi
. other sets throughout the city ,state and USA
. Toronto,Canada

Clyborn Ave. & Sheffield
. Evergreen & Hoyne
. Jackson Blvd.& Lockwood
. Oak & Hudson (Cabrini Green)
. 44th & Evans (Washington Park Homes)
. 49th St. & Lockwood "Low End"
. 53rd & Lockwood "Crossroads"
. 51st & Laflin "C-City"
. 61st & Neenah
. 87th & Jeffery Blvd.
. 111th & Michigan
Burbank,IL : 79th & Rutherford
. Justice,IL : Marion & Roberts Rd.